W A L K I N G    I N


Mastering The Art Of Wearing High Heels

The Alexander Technique

Walking in Stilettos works closely with qualified Alexander Teachers to improve your posture, help you to glide in your heels for longer, as well as relieve neck back and shoulder pain. Walking in Stilettos uses the Alexander Technique as the foundation principle to perfect posture and walking elegantly in high heels. Our programme teaches you to move with grace and ease. We show you how to avoid repetitive, movements which could be the cause of crippling pain and discomfort in your body. Best of all, you will develop a better sense of well- being and a level of confidence you’ve always wanted.

The Alexander Technique is equally beneficial for anyone who spends a large amount of time at a desk or performing activities that place strain on their bodies e.g. Dancers, people who lift heavy objects, or who are involved in sports activities. The Alexander Technique can also help to prevent and aid recovery from injuries.

Benefits of the Alexander Technique
  • Improves your posture giving you a more upright and attractive look
  • Gives relief from neck back and shoulder pain
  • Improves mobility and co-ordination
  • Improves your breathing
  • Instils confidence and a sense of empowerment.

Working women in particular face many physical challenges, unaware of the spinal stresses they’re inflicting: in the office spending hours at their desks. During the final stages of pregnancy; and of course lifting and carrying growing children.

Poor posture is widely recognised as one of the greatest hindrances to day-to-day efficiency; and a major cause of sickness and disability.

The Alexander Technique can prevent these issues and help you do a better job, by being better to yourself. The Alexander Technique is far more than a physical influence, it also helps you conquer anxiety, stress, self-doubt and even feelings of isolation. Once your body can achieve perfect posture, move with efficiency and though the Alexander Technique become educated on ‘good use of yourself’ you will find your life and health will improve tremendously.

Exclusive launch offer:
One to one session £65.00 (1 hour)
Five Week Course £300.00 (1 hour a week for 5 weeks.)